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Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Indian history and mythology is the mine of our tradition, rituals, culture that ensembles all the religions and their artifacts. Inspired by rich heritage and its evolution, hundreds of craftsmen work meticulously in various art and boutique centers. Indian Art X, that started the journey as a small shop in the pink city of India, believes in preserving the culture and propagating throughout the world through their art forms. It has established itself as a leading manufacturer and experienced global exporter of clothing line, home décors, Mandala tapestries and lifestyle products. Since the ancient times, Jaipur has been the cradle of craftsmanship, especially the handbook print. We in INDIAN ART X take inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and promote it through the technique of hand block printing. In spite of being the earliest, simplest and slowest of all printing methods, it depicts some designs in its best that no other technique can match it. That’s why the authenticity retains its place in the age of fast moving technologies. In INDIAN ART X, we look out for designs that comes from Nature, that can change the energy of our surrounding and fill us with positive vibes. Mandala, the Buddhist Symbol of ‘circle’ and ‘wholeness of self and relationship with infinity’ is depicted in our beautiful tapestries. The ‘Bodhi’ pattern conveys serenity while the ‘Mayura’ radiates charm and beauty. Designed crafts should give you a reflection of your own and at the same time lighten up your mood, house and surrounding. To keep the tradition alive, sometimes contemporary addition is needed to mix in it. INDIAN ART X teaches the younger generation the art form of hand block printing and provides the scope for improvisation so that it becomes sustainable source of livelihood for skillful artisans. Now over 100 employees are working with us to celebrate our tradition where we work with 100% vegan dyes. The glorious journey from a small shop to now, at its present form of Indian Art X, is a dream that was made possible by the people with their honest emotion, strong ideology, hard work and dexterity of our artisans. Without them, the journey wouldn’t have been this cherishing.